4 November 2014

Thanks for the coverage SilverSurfer!

More coverage of Dylan Night keeps rolling in.

This time over 55s website SilverSurfer.org.uk has published a comprehensive piece. Thank you!

Read the piece here 

29 October 2014

Coverage of Dylan Night on the excellent Lovefood.com

Looking for a great recipe for cawl for your Dylan Night supper?

You'll find a great suggestion included in coverage of Dylan Night on the excellent foodies' website Lovefood.com

Writer Matt Brady has done us proud with his superb introduction to Dylan Night for Lovefood fans.

To read the full article please click here

Lovefood's recipe for cawl with lamb and leeks can be found here

Matt even suggests the English launching a Shakespeare Night in honour of the great bard, with appropriate dishes taken mentioned in his plays.

What a splendid idea!

25 October 2014

Dylan Night discussed with John Humphrys on the Today programme this morning

Graham Parker discussing Dylan Night with
John Humphrys on BBC Radio4's Today programme
Dylan Night founder Graham Parker was a guest on this morning's BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

He talked to presenter John Humphrys about whether Dylan deserved to be honoured by the
Welsh with an annual dinner celebration in the way Scots honour their favourite son, Robbie Burns.

The discussion also featured Dr Non Vaughan-O’Hagan, Chief Executive of the London Welsh Centre.

Here is the link to the discussion, which starts at 1hr 22mins into the programme


23 October 2014

Lovely article on Welsh Country website

Huge thanks to WelshCountry.co.uk for the article on your website.

So great to get this coverage for what we hope will become a major fixture in the social calendar of Welsh people worldwide.

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20 October 2014

Western Mail gives its backing to Dylan Night

A superb article on WalesOnline (the Western Mail's online site) voicing support for Dylan Night.

Columnist Rachael Misstear writes:
"It’s a no-brainer, crazy that we’ve never done it...before."

She adds: "This is a writer who has brought eyes of the world, not mention thousands of tourists, to Wales.

"Why wouldn’t we find a regular day in our calendar to celebrate him?

"After all, Dylan captured so well in his writing, the value, the warmth and eccentricities of our wonderful communities."

Many thanks Rachael and WalesOnline for your fantastic support.

Read the article in full here: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/news-opinion/yes-course-should-annual-dylan-7961751

19 October 2014

Western Mail covers Dylan Night

Westen Mail coverage of Dylan Night 18 October 2014
A lovely write up about Dylan Night in yesterday's Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales.

We are so grateful for this fantastic coverage which we hope will be taken up by other media in Wales and beyond.

The drive to make Dylan Night an institution in the calendar of Welsh people the world over is gaining ground.

Thank you Western Mail!

17 October 2014

Great coverage for Dylan Night on Wales Online

Brilliant article today on Wales Online about Dylan Night.

You can read it in full here:

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The publicity bandwagon is rolling!